disassembling for recycling

If a plastic chair were PP, but had two small details in ABS (amounting to 2% of the product) could I instruct consumers to recycle it? I could say “after removing blank detail, please recycle”.

Question is, is it normal to ask a consumer to remove a part. I know it is a concept which is talked about a lot, but is it employed.

Also, if the part is broken during removal, we may be libel for a cut on their hand or God forbid a split part that lands in the eye.

This is worst case scenario, I have removed the detail myself and nothing bad happened.

I am looking for input from people who work in manufacturing and have been through this.


McDonough and Braungart have done just that for both Steelcase and Herman Miller. A 99% recyclable chair -and made of 40% recycled material. Must disassemble to recycle. Comfortable too. Check out the story.

Of course the article places the highly notable environmentally conscious attributes second to the ergonomics. hm.

Good luck.