dirty jersey

thinking about moving to northern jersey

anyone from jersey? any suggestions? I’m in my 20’s.

I just left. There was a good reason. It sucks.

PS: Bring lots of money…

where were you?
the job will be an hour from nyc.
what are some good places? if u HAD to move there.

Hoboken is not bad.
Plus you’re minutes from the city.

Hoboken isn’t bad if you are looking for a mini-manhattenesque environment and you can afford the rent

Where exactly is the job?

I was born in Trenton, Moved to NYC for school and now work in North Jersey, i am a pretty die hard fan of new jersey, i plan on living a few other places but will eventually return “home” to settle down.

i currently live in rutherford, it’s a nice little town with a main street adorn with all the basics, coffe shops, hardware stores, jewelry stores, DOLLAR STORES

I get upset when people make sweeping generalizations about my state, most people who say negative things have never been off the turnpike.

The state is amazing, it offers just about any type of community you want from a horse farm with no neighbors within miles to hoboken or jersey city and everything in between.

The winters are “winter”
The Summer is “Summer”

we have mountains (not the alps, but still)
we have the beach
do you like diner food?

i have a bunch of friends in jersey city… hear its getting very nice… with new constructions and renovations

Jersey = Armpit

I grew up in Wayne, NJ. Lots of great towns in NNJ, although I’d say Wayne is not one of them. Hoboken is majorly gentrified. parts of jersey city too. But your job is an hour from NYC so no need to live in Hobo or JC which are just across the river from NYC and expensive. Lets get specific and we can talk towns. I like the old train commuter towns - Montclair, Maplewood and the like. Nice walkable towns with easy train access to NYC.

is the jersey commute (by car or train) that bad from nyc/jc/hoboken? I already spend 45min on the subway.

how’s trenton? princeton? new brunswick? and everything in between?

Dont know much about those towns. to me they are more central NJ. New Brunswick = Rutgers U = beaucoup college chicks. Princeton = Nice, $$$. Trenton used to be huge manufacturing town, having rebirth?

to me the commute from Hobo or JC or NYC to any of those 3 would be hell. maybe less so to new brunswick. I could not tell you times but i’d guess that the only one that has a chance of being less than an hour by car or train is hobo/jc to new brunswick. I’m talking door to door.

I’m assuming you’re like me and don’t like to commute but hey if you don’t mind it (sometimes the time on the train can be nice), go for it. the only way to know is to give it a try during rush hour - look at nj transit and path trains.

jc is more isolated than hobo - you’ll have to transfer trains to get to nj transit to get deeper into nj. there is path train and i think new light rail.
it’s a pain to get to by car too and trafick can be bad with the holland tunnel right there. but good things happening there. check out hamilton park, van voorst park (both $$$ now), probably more recent developements i don’t know about.

you can get nj transit right from hobo, but it’s $$$ to live near the station.

my two cents - save much money (rent/mortgage and commuting) and time
and live in nj close to work, enjoy city on weekends. but what are your priorities?

NJ is not actually that bad…I work here as well…in NNJ at a product development firm. We are out in the more rural country side…but if a client meeting has to happen in the city…I can drive in, and be there in 45 min (with no traffic of course :slight_smile: )

The NJ transit trains aren’t “too” bad…but it really depends on where you’re at. I go into NYC most weekends…and can take a train right from work. I’m one of the last stops but get to Penn station in about 1:30. Longer than driving of course, but I can read, sleep, etc…and not worry about a-hole drivers.

If you were to live closer to the city…or Hoboken/JC…and take a west bound train to work it might be more difficult. Its not as fast paced as a subway train where its coming and going every few minutes. Depends on how lenient your employer would be as well…because a train might not be getting to your work location until 9:30 am…as opposed to your boss wanting you there at 9am.

All in all though Jersey always gets a bad rap…but like someone else said, its that “Turnpike” repuation that everyone has in their mind. Where I live is windy mountain roads, farms, fields…you’d think you were in Virginia. But I can drive 45 minutes and be in the most happening city in the world.

Good luck…don’t let Jersey scare you :slight_smile:

I love NJ simply because its close to NYC yet it feels more comfortable.
The bad thing is you need to drive everywhere here.
The good thing is you are much more relaxed and bit slowed down comparing to NYC. And also less wierdos and egos. <Don’t mention the series of NJ based movies. lol…>

I also love NYC but its when I have money to spend. NYC is full of mixing cultures and places to spend time with friends. Just more fun and energetic. But there are always darker side of NYC such as lots dramas and crimes. It can also be the Lonest city to me. People are less caring for eachother and turn their faces like some kind of on and off switchs. I am very not into on and off relationships and friendships. Thus this boring jersey makes me feel home.

I recommend Edgewater/ Ridgefield/ Fort Lee for commuters, Englewood cliff/ Alpine for rich people, Jersey city ( only toward to the Hudson river)/ Hoboken for city minded.
I dislike Newark, Hackensack, Englewood, Fairview, Lodi and New Brunswick areas-because too boring and not much special attractions.

but dude you’re talking about much further north and west of trenton/princeton/new brunswick where other dude will be working i assume.

first dude - the above 3 towns are all on same nj transit line (i think). i suggest looking at other towns on that train line east of there so you are closer to nyc but also close to work. but trains may not run as often since yours would be a reverse commute.

on mapquest it says hobo to princeton is 1 hour or 45 miles. You are talkin the NJ tansit i presume. Would it be harsh to commute by car? Keeping in mind that it’ll be away from NYC. Also isn’t it like 10 bucks a pop on NJ transit?

so everyone seems to think new brunswick is too boring…?

what do you guys think about commuting from philly to central jersey? :bulb:

princeton? nice knowing you, you’re a philly kid now.

I don’t know the highways hobo to princeton, but if mapquest says 1 hr. that’s without traffic. unlikely. by train i’d say an hour and a half each way at least (d to d) and like… $250 per month at least.

I get the sense that you want to be close to nyc for the lifestyle, cultural reasons. I can totally relate - I lived in manhattan for a year and nothing compares. But if you live on the hudson river in nj (hobo or jc) and commute to princeton every day you will have NO time to experience nyc during the week.

…I say… take a day to tour hobo w a real estate agent and make the commute. also look at all nj transit train lines for towns drivable to princeton and drivable/trainable to nyc. you might find the perfect triangulation. good luck. what about living in princeton?


So did you take the job?

I grew up in jersey, and traded that for boston…go figure

you do not want to live in princeton and commute via train or car to nyc
that would be a hellish existance.

princeton is not 1 hour away from hoboken…

new brunswick is good place for some things. its doesnt deserve to bad of a rap
where have you lived? can you take a long commute? can you deal with over crowding and urban and city dwellings?

one of my worst memories consists of being pinned down in my seat by some large man’s roll of fat with terrible BO as i took the train out of the city after an interview.

i live in boston now…and we have our own problems here. but after living here i would never move back to nj

so share more on new brunswick.

i heard good things as well.