Direct Injection PU?

Anyone have any experience in direct injection PU midsoles?

Any shoes on the market you can think of with midsole/outsoles like this? Running specific if possible.

Doing some research for a project.


You could look into Ecco, direct injection has been their bread and butter for years. Their Biom series is the most notable I believe


Keen does it a lot as well.

Desma machines - I know tooling is pricey but its great to eliminate glue with the upper.

Rather than ~$800-$1600 for EVA its closer to $6000 plus (last time I was quoted, but it was domestic in PR)

LOWA, ECCO, UA (they have a machine in their Lighthouse facility in Baltimore, MD)

I can find out more info (restrictions, costing, DFM stuff) if you would like from one of our partners. Just let me know.