Dino's Portfolio


I put together this portfolio over break and was hoping to get some input on it. I will be applying for summer internships so I am trying to get the portfolio into professional condition before sending it out. I hope to have everything in order before the month ends. Feel free to ask me any questions as well :smiley:

Link: Konstantinos Tsiopanos : Industrial Design Portfolio by Konstantinos Tsiopanos - Issuu

On a side note; Is it ok to have the resume and cover letter separate? I noticed most people put their resume in their portfolio now.

Thank you for your time!


Hi Dino,

you obviously have very strong visual communication skills. Congratulations. You worked hard on it and it shows.

What I would advise though is to maybe tune it down just a bit. You have a ton of drawings that have no real connection to your projects, it is a complete visual overload for me. Especially in the end.
Why are those page there? That you can draw, we know already from previous, relevant product pages.

The result of this is that your actual projects, your thinking behind them and the depth of them, takes a back seat and is hard to see past the sketching, the graphics and such.
That you want to show your sketch ability is a good thing but I would try to keep it a bit neater and your projects, which are all pretty good, will take center stage.
Another thing, I would strongly advise to take the drop shadow out that you got going on here and there, it makes it visually even more confusing and muddy.

The Tea-Off page with the rendering and a little explanation is great. On the other hand, the Vet Assist pages you got just waaay to much going. This can be easily solved by putting another page in there and space it out a bit.

You have quite often text overlapping graphics. I personally am not a big fan of it because it makes layouts often look messy. And again, it is a sign that you cramped it all just a tad too much.

This is all cosmetic stuff though and for a straight up industrial design portfolio, it shows a really strong skill set!
Good work.

Really great work. If I got that in my inbox I would definately put it up with some of the strongest portfolios I’ve seen.

If you want me to nit pick (issues that I don’t think really take anything away, but could be polished up) some things on the layout:

I want to be critical about all of the pages being so “heavy” (A lot of content and text) but you do a very good job of bringing a visual heirarchy to the page that it’s hard for me to count that as necessarily being a downside. With that said, it’s a LOT of text. Good for your full portfolio but may be worth running through it one more time and seeing if you can’t reduce some of the type down to the bare essentials, at least for some projects. EX the seat project could probably be described just from the title alone, so while the additional type is useful it may not be as necessary.

It may be worth putting some info about the semester/year/length of each project to give perspective on what was a full semester project, what was 3 weeks, and when they were done. I see a few projects have this but it would be nice for all of them.

Also your playful font seems a bit out of place compared to the cleanliness of everything else. I would consider just sticking with 1 or 2 typefaces unless you really have a good reason to break this. The layout (bright orange) of the paint roller also seems a bit more amatuerish than the other layouts.

Your sketching and hand modelling skills are very very strong. It would be nice to see you up the game in the 3D modelling department. In the real world the best sketches won’t mean much if you have a talentless engineer interpreting it into a mediocre design. If you can bring some of those designs into the realm of 3D (obviously not in a month) it will help round out your skill set.

I like the sketching pages, even as an addendum I always enjoy seeing good sketches even if it’s just for eye candy.

Other than that, nice work - with a bit more simplicity and refinement it will be really top notch.

Thank you so much for the detailed comments and crits! You guys are very helpful.

For my final portfolio I ended up cutting a lot of stuff(projects and TEXT) out to get it under 20 pages. It’s still a bit dense – but nowhere near where it was last time. Cyberdemon, I took your advice on the “time-taken per project” and have created a little clock in the upper right corner of the pages to display how long it took to do it. As for the sketching pages, I took them out because it was just too much to soak in on a quick read. I picked out just a few sketches – one sketch per page so they are nice and big. I also threw in the Core77 1HDC into the sketch area towards the back. Bepster; I see what you mean about the “too many sketches” and the lack of process. You have identified a major weakness of mine that I am working on-- which is to comprehensively show my design process.
The portfolio is a never-ending process, so of course I will revise this again, however I need something to send out right now and I think this portfolio is the best i can do before sending it out.

Thanks again for the critique, I really appreciate it.


Updated Portfolio: Portfolio 2010 - Dino Tsiopanos by Konstantinos Tsiopanos - Issuu

oh wow, I think its great!


Very nice work. Strong opening project.

On the Ergo painter, love the sketches and the exploration models, I’d love to see a better final model or rendering with the paint head in. Also, taking the paint rollers off is the biggest pain with those, not the handle… maybe address that as well. I’m guessing that after an extended period, the human hand would be more tired with the design you are proposing. Being able to change hand position is key for extended tasks. Sketches are nice on that project.

Redesigning a mail truck is an awesome project, but those things are folded sheet metal for a reason. Easy to manufacture, strong as hell. I’d look into using the preferred manufacturing technique but doing something more progressive with it.

Dino, you’re a beast. Why has no one in studio seen this?! Or am I just oblivious because I sit on the other side of the world?

If I had to offer a crit, I’d say that your redefining dining project (aircraft tray) doesn’t pop as much as the rest. I’d like to see it in the context of an airplane interior, though I understand you’re trying to cut down on the visual heaviness.