Dimention Errors

Hi Guys, Maybe someone here has an answer for an absolute beginner, i have a drawing that was originally drawn in Autocad it was in imperial and a friend converted it to Metric with Autocad, the dimentions are fine and come out in metric.
But if i edit the above drawing add a line and dimention that line it it does nothing but diplay the dimention lines and D1@sketch1 in very small print,
If i create a brand new drawing on a fresh page of a line and dimention the line it calculates the length and displays it, no problem.
Another friend looked at it and said it was because the original Autocad drawing has a dimention style called SQUIRES-STD, but i can not find anywhere in Solidworks to change the dimention style to this SQUIRES-STD.Also would it be possiable to grab the end of a line stretch it out and have the dimentions change automatically.
I am trying really hard to draw a car spaceframe, is it possiable to draw 2 parallel lines 38mm apart at the same time,i’m using square tubing, any help much appreciated GraemeS

if you go to tools>options>doc properties>detailing you’ll find dimentioning standard box which has 7 standards. iso and ansi are the norm in the industry whether id or engineering.
nope, it’s not possible to grab and pull if it’s dimensioned.
for parallel straight lines try the square or parallelogram (don’t forget to add/delete relations), and for curves try the offset entities command.

Thanks for you help ufo, unfortnately i am still not winning, what i have found out by playing is that if i create a line dimention it the dims are there just the font being displayed is century gothic in 1 point at .018mm if i increase the .18 manually to say 100mm i get a dim displayed about 3m high, i can’t find where change the default values, i have tried editing the properties of the dim and changing even changed the font etc ,it it just keeps going back to .18
Trust me i have spent many hours looking for a solution, if i change it to 100mm it reverts back to .18 the next time i try to dim it. have you any thoughts, i even took my pc across the city to someone who claimed to know Solidworks he had studied it for 6 months at uni, i have played with it for 2 weeks and i new more than he did.

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well, solidworks has a pretty good help menu, but maybe sometimes it’s hard for those just starting on SW to find the exact terminology for search. but i think it might not be a bad idea if you try your best familiarizing yourself with it first.

i’ll make a few generally important rules about detailing:

1- if you’re in an assembly, the assembly option settings controls all the parts whether it’s detailing or other settings.

2- you don’t want to use the properties on individual dimensions unless you want that specific dimension changed, and that will be useful only when you’re overriding a dimension or want it to look different for specific purposes, for instance tooling, molds, cutting or shaping procedures, material, etc related purpose.

3- to change all dimension fonts in a part or assembly you should go to tools>options>document properties>detailing>annotation font>dimension.

4- also remember to check “use document font” in properties if it was changed previously otherwise it’ll override the options setting.

Thanks for the help ufo finally making some progress, like you say if you know the right question to ask the help it is in there somewhere, the tricky bit is nowing the question to ask annotate font change did the trick.

i feel like i’m making a small bit of progress, one small step for man and all that, thanks heeps.
Ill spend a few days coming to grips with it.

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good luck!