Dimensioning in Rhino??

I hate the basic dimensioning in Rhino. It seems like there is not much control over where dimensional units can be orientated on a dimension line without exploding the dimension and manually moving it around, which tends to look a little sloppy.

Does anyone know of a plugin for Rhino 4 that focuses on dimensioning? I used to export as a dwg and use AutoCAD but I no longer can use the software after switching to a 64bit system (PC).

If there isnt a plug-in…what do you use to dimension your drawings?



Turn ON dimension control points to control its position.
Double click on dimension text, to edit it.


Facundo Miri
McNeel Argentina.

This sloppyness bothers me too;
the positioning is not consistent and if you export and rescale a drawing, so will the dimensions.

I found this dimensioning plug-in for Illustrator:
The demo-version is free, I should check its limitations though.
Maybe there are better alternatives?

Exactly my issue. Also, if u export as a dwg, then have to open again, text blocks are all screwed up and spaces are added everywhere.