Dimensioning and Tolerancing Class...

Hello All,

I am was thinking about taking a “dimensioning and tolerancing” class at a community college. My questions is, will it benefit an Industrial designer? the class description doesn’t say much…Has anyone took a similar class? if so…was it helpful in your industrial design career? all feedback are welcome.

thanks in advanced.

It depends if you end up in a field where you are responsible for final technical drawings. It’s probably a pretty dull class, you could probably Google some drafting tutorials and learn the basics of dimensioning drawings.

With the advent of CAD the main value of dimensioned drawings is ensuring that parts being delivered from a vendor are held to critical dimensions.

I cant really say that this would help you for most ID positions. Your money might be better spent on other classes.

I took several drafting classes in school and I am so glad I did. Knowing the proper way to draft is critical if you ever have to make or read technical specs. I’m annoyed with other designers that just throw dimensions around with no just cause or hierarchy. Now yes, you can google it, or get a book and teach yourself, but if you have to fill a class schedule, this might be worth it.