Dilemma:Visual Thinking vs. Drawing

I’m a graduating Industrial Engineer at Berkeley (exp. August '11) and am trying to break into Product Design (ideally transportation or consumer electronics)
I have an option this summer to take ONE practice of art class and am trying to decide between Art 08: Intro to Visual Thinking which is a first course in art teaching how to creatively come up with ideas pieces, present and discuss art, work in various mediums to express oneself and break down barriers of methodology. There are several projects where we are free to use any medium we want to present our work of art.
On the other end there is Art12: The language of drawing which explores drawing/sketching in various mediums and connecting what the brain sees, mind processes, and hand does. Basically a ton of sketching/drawings in pencil and charcoal.

I’m asking what do you think will be the better choice for me as an aspiring product designer who is trying to build a portfolio.

(Btw I’m also taking a 3D computer modeling class this summer)


Are you planning to go back to school for ID?

Yes I’m looking for a job now and in a year will probably apply to ID and Product Development programs.

If those are your only two options for the summer I would take Art12 and begin with basic drawing and visualization skills. However the other class sounds good too- but more Art theory. Theory is important, but you would be better to take a course that focused more on Design theory/history and/or problem solving/critical thinking.

I just posted these drawing resources to another discussion if your wanting to get started and practice. Sketch training exercises

Good luck!

Taking the portfolio option out, I think Art08:Visual Thinking would be good and judging by the description of it, it seems to replicate the process that we go through in class:
“Creatively coming up with ideas” - Brainstorming sessions
“Present and discuss art” - Presentations and Critiques
“Various Mediums” - I don’t know about this… maybe related to drawing materials to modeling?

Art12 seems more like you’re going to ‘sketch from life’ and use a different way of sketching than what we’re taught in an ID school.

Art08 as I see it would be a better choice as it would probably hone your presentation and critiquing skills a bit when you’re talking to your peers. But Art12, even though it may be a sketching class, it may not be the same method that you will be taught in your ID school. Hopefully I got this interpretation correct, but I am familiar with Fine Art as I previously majored in it and had to get rid of my ‘artsy sketching’ when I got into ID.

Good Luck!