Small digitizer on laptop: Hot or not?

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I know that there are attached digitizers and Tablet PCs that function as digitizers. What if there was a small digitizer somewhere else on the laptop. Any interest? Any caveats?

what’s a digitizer?

Funny… digitizer. Nice old name for a tablet device

Like this?

… I thought it was that thing in TRON that sucked people into computers…

jbhitman was correct. I meant a tablet device, like a Wacom. Sorry for the confusion.

now that would be cool to have in the back of your laptop

Talking about designers and tablets… trouble is we don’t a small tablet anything. I want that thing as big as I can afford (or my company).

Might be tough for the average consumer to take to the technology. Thus why tablets have such low volume sales already. Great for us… iffy at best for John and Jane.

Wacom makes digitizers of many different sizes. You basically pick a size that will fit over your screen, and add 2mm to your stackup. Bam…touchscreen!

don’t we already have the tablet PC…why there be an need for some cock’ied middle of the road device.

I don’t see the function that a digitizer/tablet would provide in a spot on the laptop that wasn’t on the screen.