Digital shapes social interactions...

As I work with more companies and observe younger generations communicating, we appear to be nearing a tipping point generationally where digital interactions drive and direct offline social interactions which are mere forms of confirmation of the digital rather than the other way round. It is getting more nonexistent for Genz to want to commit to participation/responsibility outside of the digital world of product design/development I am finding. Gen Alpha is now being made aware of Product Design through new high school programs. What are you guys seeing? How is it affecting your workflows?

I see it as nothing more than a “new” form of communication and your post is dangerously close to telling people to get off your lawn.

As for affecting workflow, with anything new, there is good and bad. Managing the bad out of people is not new and easily can be done in the workspace.

Its new, its different, and many people don’t want to feel FOMO of the next new thing. I luckily don’t have to attract a ticktock audience - I mean maybe I should, but I won’t - so for this GenX’er I’m OK being an anachronism for now.

FWIW in my recent grad school experience the classmates who declared that they preferred Zoom class, because it leveled-out physical, interpersonal classroom dynamics, were also the ones with cameras-off-muted screens during Zoom class. Maybe they only like text messages.

Yes…I’m seeing this as well. These are the types who are there the “learn about design” but are not interested in becoming a designer.

More on this “managing the bad out of people”. Sounds like a high risk method to get yourself cancelled.

Managing is based on performance, nothing that will get me cancelled in the corporate world. Communication efficacy is an easy metric, there is no risk. Doesn’t everyone know that?

The timeless truth is that the young crowd is always under a spell of entertainment, before they’re ready to enter the world.
In this age, social media, VR, the metaverse, is all part of the same drug.
And the art is to see how to employ the drug for something beneficial/creative, since it does open their minds, blows away emotional baggage, etc.
But it can also be a way to bypass more serious responsibility/commitment.

In the end, I don’t think it has to change anything other than that we’re aware of it.

And yeah I don’t know if I’m making sense or it answers your question in any way.
But I do feel we have to stay sharp and see most of what youngsters do as being under influence; see it for what it is instead of post-rationalizing it as something acceptable in professional spheres.