Digital portfolio

Here is my online portfolio → Click to view Any feedback would be great. You need flashplayer to view it.

beautiful site! Info page seems a bit tough to read. Lots of tutorials in the photoshop section (off info page).

Awsome graphics in the personal section. I really like the WORSHIP page’s background under Concept, beautiful!! :smiley:

Great use of color throughout the work…very rich…and impressive!

The viewing window could be larger IMO, but I’ve got a tiny monitor over here… :laughing:

Thanks for the kind words. The info is not really meant to be informative, but rather just an element.

The new worship site should be launching sometime next week hopefully.

If you click the info panels that come down when you are in let’s say personal>digital it will open the image in a larger window for you.

Ohh… :open_mouth:


yeah, the site is maybe just a little hard to navigate in comparison to others…but it’s very nice!!

I have updated a bunch of stuff.

really nice site. I dont think its hard to navigate, its a great site to get lost in. Well done.

nice, very good site

very pretty! Lacking in some UI items.

  1. I didn’t see that tiny loading line the first time I clicked on a link.

  2. your new section is really news i think but it should contain a link to the ‘new’ work or just show it on the new page.

  3. your info page is hard to read and lacking contrast maybe you made it not for every jo blog to ready the body text. maybe you should put the help text at the top.

  4. the magea boarder seems a bit excessive making your large pictures still tiny…on my 23" 1920x1200 screen

All the things mentioned are noted. If you roll-over the info tab you can click most of the work to make it appear in a larger window.

The text on the info page is not supposed to be informative really, just there as a part of the BG.

I have dual displays, (15.2" and 20") and understand what you are saying about size, but I just preferred to do it this way because I like having the space around it.

I think I will do another version (maybe this year) of my portfolio that will include a store.

Thanks for the input though at any rate. :wink:

Nice graphics and layout. However the UI IS difficult to figure out. I found myself clicking on items i did not know if it lead to somthing other or not. For example the row of square boxes on the top left. What are they by the way?

Otherwise great work!