digital portfolio?

I recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. I am finding that most job postings are wanting you to submit a digital portfolio with your resume. I do not know flash so I have been making mine in Power Point.

My question is:
Is power point a bad program to create it in?
And also should all the background colors of the slides be the same or is it okay to vary them from black and white? I am worried that varying the colors makes it distracting yet sometimes the work looks better on white than black and vice versa.

I would appreciate any help you could give me. I don’t want to submit something that is not going to do my work justice. :unamused:

I don’t think most places would be too excited about a powerpoint portfolio. In fact, it might be bounced be servers on the way in if it’s too big.

Have you heard of this thing called the internet? If you don’t know HTML or Flash, why not use a site that lets you create a digital portfolio on their servers?

I also dealing with the same issue. Would a CD be out of the question? Should you send that alone or with hard copies? i mean, when they ask for examples of one’s work are they asking for a website? if one were to produce a cd, would pdfs be a bad idea?

I would strongly stay away from Powerpoint.

Agree with the need for a HTML webpage (not flash), they don’t cost much and act as the perfect display for your work. In fact some space is free on forums like this, scope around. CD’s can get kind of repetative for companies, they get so much sh*t that half it ends up binned without being looked at, so unless you have a distinctive CD package in the pipe…

Have you hear of a PDF? If you are a graphic designer then you must know how to create PDF. Once you have made one you can attach it to any email.

um…most portfolios i receive are in PDF, and 30% crash my system, that makes me upset after a while. just do a web page, and have a heavier cd sample ready if someone requests it. and no im not using a mac, and yes my system is a good system