Digital Light Blocks .. how ?

Recently I was at a restaurant and part of the decor was a wall of glass bricks which gradually changed color. You can see what I am referring to by clicking on this link in the images tab :

I would like to incorporate this into my next trade show.
How is this done? Any ideas where to start in acquiring the materials?


That installation looks like a lot of acrylic with some RGB color changing LEDs behind it. I’ve seen some stuff from China that are opaque white acrylic boxes with LEDs in them. They are wired up together for electricity and controlled remotely. They wouldn’t form as large a wall though, they might be 6’ x 6’. You can probably find them on alibaba or another manufacturer index.

Another option is to get a set of RGB LED kits for a car and wire them up in a custom application. You can find these sets cheap on ebay.

its a fiber optic rbg color wheel. the high intenstiy light and color wheel is remote and light piped to the plasic fiber optic.