Digital Imaging 1 Portfolio

These are portfolio pages from my digital imaging 1 class. Just looking for comments and critiques. How far from professional quality are these; the work and the layout? The web site is not up yet (I don’t have much web design skills). What do you think of the website name?


And the rest of the pages…

Hey there;

Those are some really nice work, especially the phone, patience ah…that means u have taken the full road ahead. I would say the layout looks very old fashioned and by that i mean, if you look at any magazine or any other portfolio in this forum, you have a very central focal point to the image, the colors u have used are very conservative, i would say the white space in itself would be a very good thing, the white makes ur image pop out…the other thing is ur font selection , is that arial or maybe sans…they are good fonts but u need to know how to use em…try to reduce the size a bit in relation to the image itself, trust me they would make a great difference.

As georgeous put it across in a very simple way for me, relating it to movies, i am gonna do the same to you, every movie has one central star, one hero who makes it to the end…ur images need to have that focal point…they will automatically look gorgeous…good skills there…keep em comin.