Digital Environmet

Hi !!

In this Pandemic a lot of “tangible” things migrated to “digital” stuff.

Here is a render of a scene I developed some months ago. This was done as a concept “trying to sell the main concept”. In this case everything was about a “journey between planets” to reach certain “goals”

Each one of this planets were supposed to be a brand… As every travel of this kind; we visualize several “stages” in that journey.

In the render, an interior proposal of one ship in which a team leader would use for that particulary “journey”. The project was landed, but this “story line” was ditched in favor of other theme… a theme completely different.

This image was developed using 3ds Max 2018 + VRay 3.6. Some parts are from pre-existing assets, but others are modeled. Time spent was 1 day (like 8 hours). Each render took like 45 seconds.

You can click in the image to see it in Full HD.

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Pretty sweet flight/observation deck. The guy wearing the suit is either the CEO of the spaceship, or selling pharmaceuticals.

Fun fact…

It was a human reference of an executive… that usually is responsible of selling a lot of chips & cookies…

Would you describe this as the gamification of the executive suite? Maybe a team building tool to put the fun in quarterly meetings?