Digital Camera- Which ones to buy? Stay away from?

I’m a design student, with a fairly low budget (less than 400). I am looking for a camera which would be able to do these main things; high quality photos (able to be blown up to large sizes), ultra compact/ very portable for those pictures of daily inspiration, short delay time between shots/ motion lag, and a decent video mode for possibly short clips.

Please let me know which camera you use, or suggest!

I’ve narrowed it down to a few canon powershots, but there is alot of give and take between models, and for the cost I want to make the most practical investment- over the last month there have been a ton of new cameras.

Thank you


That’s a pretty wide open question and open to subjectivity.

If you can squeak out a few more bucks - I just bought a Nikon D-40 DSLR for about $575. It’s Nikon’s lowest priced DSLR but is packed with tons of goodies and gives you the option of adding different lenses. I like it because the photos look professionally captured instead of point-and-shoot flash shots. The chip is more sensitive to low light and allows more “art” options. It comes with a decent 28-55 zoom lens and other lenses are reasonably priced.

Just my two cents. I’m happy with this one.

I only buy Canon digital cameras, but that is just me.

I’m a Canon fan myself, but check out That’s where I go when I have the urge to buy yet another lens/accessory/gadget for my camera. They have reviews on just about every camera on the market, and you can do their “camera finder” thing to find one that meets your budget and needs.

my 2p would be to go for a cannon ixus

we just got a Canon sd750,

Brilliant point and shoot camera, takes vid clips too. 7.1 megapixels, c’mon, who really wants to carry around a Dslr? :slight_smile: