Digital Camera Quest

I did a quick CORE search for digital cameras. The most recent was February of 2004 ( I may have missed a couple but didn’t have the patience to read through the entire archive).

I’m looking for something in the 8.0 MP range.

Price is an object, but let’s not worry about that right now.

Any recommendations?



this isnt really a recommendation, but look at - all the info you could want.

i love my 5mp Panasonic DMC-FZ20 - . the image stability feature works nice and the lecia lens its top notch. a strong inbetween a pocket camera and a dSLR. Also there is a 8mp Panasonic DMC-FZ30.

that being said, it doesnt really hold a candle to the fuji f2pro we bought at work, but that was a $2k camera at the time.

whats important to you? size, mp, lens, flexibility, etc?

Thanks for your reply Asango.

I’m not really sure what’s important. I mess with photoshop so MP is the main reason I think I want an 8.0 (six or better would probably do the job as well.) I do illustration (the old fashioned way … with a pen on vellum) and I’m always cropping something to use as an underlay. The majority of it’s life would be spent taking pics of the cats, vacation stuff, etc.

I’m a physically big guy, big hands, thick fingers, and prefer a heavier camera. Some flexibility in the area of lenses would be nice, especially if ‘close-up’ lens are available.

I noticed some ‘lesser’ Fuji’s (5.0MP) in the $500-600 range at

p.s. Great website… thanks!

A buddy of mine has a Sony Mavica (MVC-CD400) I think it’s a 2002 model. It fits my hand realy well, and I like it’s ‘heft’ (I shake a bit). But I especially like the CD storage feature. Too bad it’s only 4.0 MP. And the new CD500 isn’t much better @ 5.0MP. The price is nice though. Too bad Sony didn’t just jump to straight to 6.5-7.0MP.

The search goes on … . . .

i just bought a digital slr, the canon digital rebel.
i wanted to begin being able to do more than just point and click
use more lenses like wide/telephoto
i love it so far, resolution is great
same quality pictures as more advanced canons like the eos
i spent about $800 using
this was the best price i could find
you’ll find it highly rated at dpreview

I have a Nikon D70 for work, I’ve found it a great camera, espcially since I already had some Nikon lenses…

One important thing that I’ve noticed is the difference between shooting RAW and jepg when you have to color correct pictures…

…sometimes if I adjust the picture too much with a jpg, all these crazy colors and pixels start showing up in your image. With RAW, the image was never squeezed down to a jpg where some normally inconsequential data was maybe thrown out. They pictures seem to hold up better. Might be the 12 bit color too

you can do alot of other tricks with RAW too… exposure, ISO, etc, but they still say its better to TAKE the picture well to start with…anyway, I’d think about getting one with RAW format. Good luck!

So… I’m wondering.

Is 5.0 MP (+/-) sufficient for cropping up to an 8x10 inch enlargement?
All of that is relative, I realize. I never know what size illustation I’m going to have to do next … whoaaa, wouldn’t that be a handy business tool; precognition.

Guess I need to go down to the local brick n’ motar camera shop and play around with a 5.0+ and an 8.0MP to see what it looks like; maybe download an image, or three, and take it back to the office to mess around with.

Most 5MP images are good enough to print 8x10 photos ~150dpi, which is plenty for most presentation work.

I would rather use the office’s 4MP Olympus E10 than some 8MP mini-cam. The colour is not only truer, but smoother and the better lens allows for real control over the photography.

I believe the only reason to use higher resolution is to so that you can be sloppy with your framing - ie. frame loose and crop in Photoshop.

If you are getting a DSLR you are better off spending your money to get a second lens or better yet, a real hot-shoe flash, like a Vivitar 283. If you are gonna shoot product photos, get a good ring light or a even a couple of flashes with a sync cord and an optical slave.

Fact is, good digital photography requires good photography technique. Max out the equipment first, then upgrade.


o… … kay. … … this is beginning to feel like walking into a candy shop when I was six years old.

I’ve identified some features that I feel are important to me:
SLR format
5.0 - 6-5 MP
RAW compression
External flash
Lens threads (or equiv.)
manual focus
viewfinder: TTL & EVF (any comments on the relevance of EVF?)

These ‘requirements’ seem easy enough to fulfill with several makes and models.


Storage Capacity … 16 - 32 MB (… more) ?

Storage Type; this isn’t really an issue other than; is there a storage type NOT to get involved with …?

Any comments regarding any of the above would be appreciated.

Thnxagn, Lmo

You need to start looking at the test photos for different cameras over at And make sure your monitor is calibrated before you start. One more thing you can try is go find your local camera pro shop… the good ones will rent studio equipment. The pros at a place like that will give you really good advice. (In Vancouver, it’s Beau Photo).