Digital camera/LCD screen manufacturers

Okay, I’m running into some walls here, and considering how simple the product is, I’m perplexed why it’s giving me so many problems.

In short, I just need to find a domestic engineering (and possibly short-run manufacturing) firm to design the electronics for a digital camera and LCD screen system. I can’t go into details, but just imagine a 3" diag. LCD screen connected to a small camera lens like you see in cell phones.

Who does this stuff? Who can I hire to develop the guts?


Go look for a electronic engineering company

Thanks Wolf, but I’ve looked all over the place and have spoken to quite a few firms. I was simply wondering if anyone had any places they could recommend from personal experience. One place was actually in London, but they never got back to me with a formal quote. It’s just frustrating, but I can understand these firms not getting excited about working with a lowly designer/inventor such as myself. We’re flighty.

I used to work for a Digital Camera Manufacturer in Taiwan. I had some resources for you. However can you clearfiy your problem, and tell me more detail about what you need. then I will try to figure out a solution for you.

feel free to email me : fred(at)

Yeah I hate it when contractors never give me a quote.

We use a company called HCD ( for our manufacture & PCB layout, and its all fairly high end low volume stuff, not sure what design/coding work they could do…(as we have our own internal guys)…but they might be able to point you in the right direction.

The current product I’m working on has a lovely OLED screen in …super bright and crazy thin. I’m not sure if they can do 3" yet. It didn’t the guys here to long to get it all working, I think we modified a custom graphics library to save us some time…so I shouldn’t thing it would be to much hard work for someone in the know. Remember to allow some time for developing the firmware as this can often be more time consuming than designing the circuit.

oh the and OLED’s are from

THANK YOU!!! Really appreciate it!