DIGI Sketch

Hey all,

This is my first attempt at sketching with a wacom using SB Pro 2010. I am going to use this thread to post more digital sketches as and when i do them to track my progress but please feel free to add your own digital sketches too! :smiley: …I know there is already the sketch-fu thread but id like to keep this one purely digital work.

I love the loose looking style i see so often and i think digital lines just look so crisp and sweet. Can anyone give me any tips on how i could improve this render???

Cheers all and please add your digi work with tips & pointers on how you achieve your style so beginners (like me) can get better!

not one comment!..anyone…???

Sure, I’ll jump in.

I think you need to work with your brushes. They don’t see to trail off well. Your render is also looking flat which may have something to do with it. I’m still learning a lot with my own digi rendering but I guess you just gotta do more.

Here’s my contribution
shaver.tif (1.38 MB)

Yeh it does look a bit flat, i need to work on my light source and materials and look at other peoples work more…like this guy who is just unbelievable!

Nice job on the glass on that blender by the way. Ill try and post more tomorrow