Hello All,

I recently updated my portfolio and i was wondering what some of my peers have to say about it.

Check it out: http://namagasta.com/

Be brutal if ya must.

Hey, as far as the website layout goes, I’d say it needs to be laid out a bit cleaner, it’s kinda random at the moment. Imagine someone is looking at it and wanting a quick overview of each project, and if they like the look of the main picture, giving them the option of clicking further and taking a more in-depth look. Also the colours need to match and compliment each other, not be multi-coloured. Not sure what you’re aiming to get (employment wise) with your work, so focussing it towards whatever job you want to get would be a good step. Sorry if I’ve been a bit harsh! Adam

:slight_smile: I thought that was clean. There’s nothing but a white background with a labeled navigation system. If ya would, could you elaborate?

Oh, and I guess i should have mentioned that i always send out my digi-portfolio with this printable version:

It has a layout closer to what i think you mean.

The colors are the primaries. From red to blue, the whole spectrum… that was the spirit of the page. I worked hard to become a multidisciplinary and i feel like i should flaunt it. I’d take work as a commissioned sculptor, a corporate computer-jockey or anywhere in between. Also, if ya hop around a bit on the page, you’ll see lots of heavy color use… i thought it made sense.

Thanks for the crit, man. Maybe i’ll tone down the PDF portfolio if i can come up with a good color combo.

I think use of many colors itself isn’t that bad. But from your site, it comes across too much like a “kindergarten” theme.

Perhaps its just my preference.

Hmm. Is it the navi-bar that gives ya that feeling? Like… the hand writing style + rough edged box?

What about other stuff, besides the colors?

How about navigation? Is it clear how to interact with the interface? Does it have problems loading images? I did this baby with no pre-loading functions.

I got the same general feeling. The combination of the intro animation, colour, rough edges, font, and 2009 Namagasta copyright in the bottom where each letter is a different colour give off a playful vibe rather than a professional one.

I’d work on simplifying the navigation as well. While there was nothing confusing about the hierarchy itself per se, I had to dig through 3 levels just to look at one sketch which took nearly 20 seconds (just waiting for animations). Once I was looking at it there was no easy/obvious way to skip to the next sketch, I didn’t realize at first clicking on the image would bring me back to the gallery, but once I did browsing just that page of sketches would take a fair amount of time, and the whole portfolio considerably longer. I really think the heavy use of a flash detracts a lot more than it adds because of this. I believe people have mentioned that when they’re looking at applicants portfolios they want to see what the person is all about instantly, and if something interesting comes up they might take the time to look further. If the site is too much work to look through, they’ll give up and move on to the next instead. If you were to remove one level of the hierarchy by making it categories > projects and then once you’ve selected a project you see the entire thing on one page, that alone would be a huge improvement.

A few minutes in photoshop would go a long way towards improving the presentation of your sketches as well. I just used levels here to bring out the white of the paper (highlight eye dropper) and cropped/rotated the image since the other page was blank anyways. There’s a lot of empty space so you might as well make use of it, especially since some of the drawings are hard to make out.
I hope this isn’t too brutal. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Wow, kdb31. Thanks a million for the critique. I agree with ya on most of your points + i’ve made a few changes in response to you and other people’s comments.

New: http://namagasta.com/
Old: http://namagasta.com/two/

For one; i did end up changing the colors. Peeps on this forum + elsewhere continued to comment on the color style, so i decided to go for red + black line work. I changed the font in the navi-bar to reduce the kindergarten look + i plan to re-do the whole design of the navigation when i get a chance. I need to do a bit of thinkin’ for that one…

I changed the frames per second to cut down on the animation time. I still have a soft spot for that stuff, and it’ll probably stay there… but i’ll try to decrease the annoying factor by adding a piece of code to allow easy scrolling through the library of images.

Next step will be to do a better job with the sketch quality. I’m going to use a scanner in combination with Photoshop’s “Photomerge” to get cleaner images of my sketches.

Thanks again, and I’ll keep posting my progress!

Can you make the red a bit deeper/darker? I think the primary colour just isn’t working against the white background and that is probably what is responsible for the child-like feel that comes though when browsing.

That’s my thoughts anyway. You may choose to disagree!

Im sorry man, but to me, animations should only be on the welcome page, If at all.

When a page has animation after every time i push a link, I instinctively close the page, no matter how much time was spent on them. I think its a bit of a Powerpoint syndrome. I know a lot of other people do the same.

More work was done.

Most of the effort was put into coding a better image gallery system.

I cleaned up the sketches and I took up the frame rates a bit. That should smooth out the flow of the page, i hope.

To see the difference, here’s the old one: http://namagasta.com/two/

I know this is an unorthodox portfolio, but that’s only because i’m fishing for unorthodox opportunities. It has worked before… here’s to hoping it will work once again.

Thanks again for all of the critiques.

Instead of making a whole new web-page, i decided to simply make a better PDF version of the portfolio. I tried my best to take everyone’s ideas in mind for this one.

I muted down my red and i got rid of the abstract feel. Its a lot shorter… a teaser of sorts: