Diffuse glow crystals

Hello all! I’m new to this forum - I am a student theatrical costume designer in need of some advice for propmaking. I’m probably not as educated in casting and materials as most of you are, so please bear with me! :slight_smile:

What I’m looking to make are several quartz-like faceted crystals the have an even, diffuse purple glow. The crystals will be exposed on all sides, but will attach to the prop on one or both ends. The power source must be fairly compact to fit within the prop, but there is some room to work there.

Originally I was thinking of casting the crystals from clear resin mixed with some sort of light-diffusing powder and then placing an LED at the mounting point on each end of the crystal, thereby lighting it evenly. Will this work? If so, what would the best material be to cast the crystals from? The largest crystals will be approximately 5-6" long and 2" in diameter.

Thanks in advance for your help!


that could work. does the outside of the crystal have to be glossy or can it be matte? because instead of mixing some light dispersing material in the resin, you could just lightly sand the resin exterior, and that would also disperse the light from the LED.

another option if resin isn’t your thing is to make this out of acrylic stock, if you can get some. i don’t know what kind of shape you are aiming for, so it might take some machining.

I agree, frosting the surfaces will help disperse the light evenly.

Of course, to complicate things, a glossy surface would be preferred. :laughing: I’m hoping to make these things look as much like quartz crystals as possible. frosting or sanding the outside is kind of my last choice option…