Different fields of design

Just wondering how many of the specialized designers here…tried different fields before they decided to go towards a specific direction?

It seems to me that most (not all) people end up continuing the job they get into as they graduate (ex. if you land a toy design job that is what you are going to do for your career!)

The reason behind my question is over a discussion with a senior designer, he mentioned to me that after a few years of working in a field you get “locked down” in the field!

i could see that happening. but i think it is incorrect to think that happens to every designer or even most designers.

first of all I would suggest that you do as many internships as possible while you are in school. this is a great way of finding out what you like and dislike. these are also great points of reference for later in your career if you want to make a change.

in the end people only get “locked” into jobs if they let themselves. just because you design toys for 10 years doesn’t mean you cant find a gig doing something else. its all about applying what you’ve learned to new things.

Getting “locked” into an industry can and does happen, but it is mostly up to the individual to lock or unlock him/herself… you know what I mean?

I think it is largely a psychological barrier and an exercise in making yourself visibly valuable to another field. Based on the calls I get from recruiters, about 20%-30% of the requests come from footwear companies, so I don’t feel locked in.