Differences Between Academic & Professional Submissions

I am considering appling for an ID teaching position and need some advice. I may be wrong, but I think there may be a difference in applying for an academic position vs. a professional position.

I have a wide range of experience, from industrial design to complete product management. I have worked on product, packaging, interface, exhibit, research, support materials and other programs in the entire product life cycle (development/introduction, growth, maturity and decline). If I were applying to a company, I would emphasize the areas in which the organization is in need (i.e. if they need a sketch monkey, I send sketches, if they need a manager, I sent pictures of products on the market, etc.)

Is it different for teaching? Do I send them slides of only product? Do I send them a combination of product, packaging, interface, sketches, modeling, etc.? One of my goals is to convey the importance of the ID role in the product life cycle. They want 20 slides and I have a lot of choices.

They also requested examples of student work. I was a teaching assistant for an ideation course, but never recorded any of the student work. I have also art directed many junior designers. If I clearly label the work as art direction of junior designers, would that be acceptable as “teaching” examples?

Any advice will be appreciated.

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