Difference between Undergrad and Grad programs for ID?


I don’t know how to fully explain my situation but long story short, I’m 26 with a B.A. in sociology but I want to pursue a career in ID.

I’m currently looking into applying to some schools and schools have told me that I have the option to apply for either their undergraduate or graduate program. For someone with minimal background in art (haven’t really touched it since high school when I was taking Saturday courses at Art Center), wouldn’t it be more beneficial to apply for the undergrad program? To start from scratch?

Also, does it matter if I apply as a freshmen or transfer in the undergrad program? I’m not exactly sure what the difference is and I’m not sure a lot of my credits from Sociology even transfer over, but I hear transfers get less financial aid…

I’m hoping someone who has gone through this complicated process can give me some advice!

pkparadox, have you done a search on the forums for this? This topic has been well discussed, at length, and often heatedly. The nickel synthesis is that undergad programs are stronger at developing core skills that help you get that first job, and a masters tends focus more on theory, and helping a designer get to that next level.

Sorry about that! I guess I didn’t dig deep enough or just simply missed the topic being discussed