Difference between principal designer and senior designer?

I just have a question to satisfy my curiosity…
Is there any difference or are they just head designers. What is the top industrial designer of a corporation called?
Thank you for your answers…

Many organizations have prefix titles with performance requirements and salary recommendations attached to them. “Prinicipal” is typically considered a grade level above “Senior.” This is probably as high as you’d get without becoming a manager. “Director” is usually the top grade level before “Vice President”: overseeing multiple managers who in turn manage principals, seniors and “staff.”

The highest-ever level would be “Chief Design Officer.” Only the largest, most enlightened companies have them since obviously they’re at the board level, and the board must believe in the need for the position.

Samsung has one.
Apple does not: (Jonny Ives is a VP)

Principal means owner or partner. same as principal in a law firm. senior designer means different things. some say 6 years experience. some 10. some 2. just a title really.

usually corporate ceiling is Design Manager. probably answers to either Marketing or Engineering. better companies might have Design Director (over different internal groups) or a VP of Design. variations of same. not many of those. corporate ladder doesnt go very high for ID at most places.

[edit - “Prinicipal” is typically considered a grade level above “Senior.” - never heard of that hierarchy.]

My job title is “Senior Manager” now. “Design Director” is a position I can move into, but by definition requires 15 years experience.

We have chief designer, design manager and design director in
my region. The highiest position is design director.