difference between COMMUNICATION and INDUSTRIAL design....

please help me out here.
what is the difference??

From my understanding, communication design is about graphics and interaction. So it will be graphics design, web design and so on. Industrial design deals with mostly 3D stuffs, such as product and its ergonomics.

thanks !!

well, I believe that it doesn’t matter if it’s 2D or 3D design. It would still communicate and get its point across. Every design out there has a meaning and it is communicating to us as the user or viewer or the audience in general. A building will communicate differently to a graphic designer and a ballpoin pen will communicate differently to a bridge designer and hopefully will initiate inspiration. Bottom line is that Commnucation is design and viceversa.

as a theory, you are correct, design is about communication, function.

the difference in question is not that of a philosophy, but that of training. Communication design programs, to my limited knowledge, tend to be more inclusive graphics programs. Educating their students in the generalities of design, but also in the specific issues a designer faces 2dimentionally, GUI’s, UI, websites, as well as more traditional print and packaging, 2d form and composition, ect.

Industrial Designers start at the same general design education, but their more specific training is in the third dimention. How the human body works, how mass production works, finding innovative solutions to daily problems, developing control drawings to work with engineers and tool makers, 3dimentional form and composition, and so on…

So while design is design, the specific knowledge gained in these programs is different.