Hi members,

I am presently working as an Industrial Designer in a consumer electronics company. Presently in Shenzhen, China. Could anyone please give me a link where I can compare and see (at least) different kind of surface finishes used over Plastic and/or Metals. I have googled a bit but couldnt find any good resource for the same.


www.efunda.com is a very handy materials site.

Have you asked your mold maker? I think timf posted an address to a in-mold texture company in China. You might want to do a search under his user name for that post. For metal…what kind of textures are you referring to? Cast-metals with in-mold textures or things like expanded metal, stamped metal panels etc?


here’s the link to the timf thread of in-mold textures:

Presently I am just looking to see what kind of surface finish would suit for one of my designs. So at first I want to compare between some of the finishes and then I can ask my mold maker if they can do it for me.