diff methds of sketching my kicks

watcha people, just wanted to show three different methods I usually use to sketch and present kicks… The central image is a fairly rapid photoshop render, using a more precise and clean magic wand approach.
The top right is a rougher dirtier approach using layers in the mighty Pshop again, this time no border constraints just super free.
And last but not least the bottom images some classic bic biro doodles, normally during meetings. Normally where all my best ideas come from, think its a combination of too much coffee, dextroenergy tablets and bordom through concentration.
Any comments greatly appreciated.

very dope, i really like your rendering style(s) even though computer aided they still have that looseness that designer-types are always talking about

the only thing is in the final renders sometimes looses me with what exactly is going on…

still very dope though, i wish i was to render something as good…