Dieter Rams Article

For those who are interested, there is a fairly good article in the UK Times on Dieter Rams. Those who don’t know who he is, he was to Braun as Ive is to Apple, though he started about 40 years earlier :

“For Rams is revered, as his retrospective opening at the Design Museum next week makes plain. Jonathan Ive, of Apple, Jasper Morrison, Philippe Starck, all bow down before him. This is the man who did the Apple thing four decades before Apple. Ive — the creator of the iPhone and the iMac — wasn’t even born when Rams invented the consumer electronic device we all lust after.”


Good article, thanks for sharing!

thanks. best quote is at the end-

He hates how “design” has come to mean exclusive, just about the look. “It’s a terrible movement. Design has nothing to do with fashion. Philippe Starck is an artist not a designer. He has made some interesting products, OK, but maybe he should think a little bit more!” he laughs. “There’s such a lot of things. Such a lot of unusable things. Most things are unnecessary and overdone. Look around. We cannot send to the Third World all the garbage we don’t need any more. We have to go back to more simplicity, longevity.”


Nice article. Thanks for the heads up.

Can you imagine what Starck must be feeling after reading that last bit though? If I were called out by someone like Rams, I’d probably stop and think about what exactly I’m doing. I like a lot of Starck’s work, but his comments about design lately have left me scratching my head.

I’m especially looking forward to the Dieter Rams show in London… that’s going to be a good one. Maybe the man himself will be at the opening

Cheers for the link to the article, I’m also looking forward to the expo at the design museum.

Great article. Rams is a maestro.

How can you teach an old maestro a new trick?

I imagine the exhibition will be of great inspiration for him.

Is it just me or is the Design Museum London just getting better and better. Deyan Sudjic has done wonders.

Its getting there, I wish they would come up with some new interesting expo ideas though

Are you going to check out Robert Brunner there in Dec? I was thinking of getting down to that one…

I’m actually heading to the Design Museum in about 3 hours, hope the show is good!

EDIT Couldn’t make it out there yesterday, gonna try again next week

Travisimo - update us on how it goes. I no longer live in London, so its tricky to see it…

I’ve heard that the museum is moving to the Commonwealth building on Kensington High Street ? It would be great as it’s a central location and closer to the other major museums of London.


Its moving but not until 2013. Quite a wait.

They seem to be utilising the space they have though. Which for a gallery dealing with creativity you would think would be rather important.

Did anyone see the super contemporary? It felt like a walk through text book.

Seeing design in a gallery/museum is always rather surreal. I can’t stand it when they have ‘don’t touch’ signs everywhere. It grates at me. design is meant to be touched. They should have signs encouraging people to touch.

Also a few years ago, when he was still alive, they exhibited a bio of Sottsass. He described it as a living tomb.

I went along to the design museum on Sunday. The Dieter Rams was pretty good, I wish they had a few more sketches and development models. You were allowed to take pictures (no flash) which makes a nice change. It looks like all the stuff he ever did, however when you do see it all together the box form does get a little repetitive. Does anyone know why Braun stopped producing as many products?

On a side note the ergonomic expo also at the design museum was a little disappointing this could have been much bigger and more in-depth it was a little flimsy in my opinion.