dieline from hell


I know there is probably a simple solution to this… so be ruthless when you explain this to me…

A graphic designer asked me to help her draw a dieline to be placed around a cylindrial object with a small level of draft. The label needs to be placed flush around the object and must cover all 360 degrees of it.


Labels are kiss-cut using steel rule dies. Steel rule dies are made of plywood with laser-cut slots into which a number of sharpened steel rules are hammered. The pattern made by the rules is called a die line.

The reason for a draft is that the cylindrical object is probably made of some kind of molded plastic. It will not have a perfectly cylindrical shape, but be tapered, usually towards the top. This will allow it to be ejected from mold more easily.

The draft shows up on the label as a slight curvature on the horizontal edges of the label.

Converting a globe to a map requires a similar situation only with distortion in more than one axis.

You need to ask the dimensions of the finished object for you to be able to size the label properly. You will have to take into account the thickness of the film as well as vertical placement on the object.


Thanks- you answered more questions than I had! The globe metaphor is what I was actually looking for. I was thinking of how to abstract the process to explain what I eventually figured out the hard way (deconstructing a tapered cylinder in maya) to the person who asked me for help.

Thanks again!