Die Cast + Extrusion Suppliers?


I was wondering if anyone knows of good die-cast and extrusion suppliers in China that can make enclsoures for me in aluminium?



Die casting and extrusion supplier questions … in the “Employment” forum?

Posting in “Materials & Processes” might be more productive.

moved. maybe you’ll have better luck now.


Volume is going to drive your choices.

If you want low volume: I don’t know.

If you need high volume: PM me and I’ll give you a couple choices in SZ.

google it … unless your asking if you want to choose from a list of die casters that we have used before in china. Is your part small and fits in your hand or large housing 15" +


I found one in Dongguan to make it. It’s about 8 X 4 X 2 inches in aluminum.