Did MSN change their logo?

I don’t often go use M$ Exploder, nor do I visit MSN except for the fact that I have never changed my home page within Explorer. I noticed the MSN logo looked cleaner than I recall. Did they change it recently, or have I just not been paying attention?

Ya, I believe they changed it around a year or less ago. It came out roughly the same time as windows 7 and the updates to explorer. I think they did a good job.

Yes they did.
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Love this bit:

It’s a rhetorical question since I am assuming thousands of people do but, seriously, does someone use msn.com anymore? With so many cooler and more efficient ways to access the online world, MSN has for a long time felt caught in 1999, both aesthetically and technologically, heck even philosophically.

Holy crap…never noticed that.

I only know of MSN from it being on the top of my hotmail page. Kinda weird:

My @914.qc.ca address - I check bi-monthly (mostly spam)

my hotmail.com address - I check weekly (I have a few bills that go there)

my gmail.com address - I use daily