did anyone catch stacey london's fashion fanatic (footwear)

i know most of us are into atheltic footwear, but this was a great show.

ms. london (whom i have a huge crush on :blush: ) went to ferragamo where they took here through the design and manufacturing process.

she also talked with other designers about how they made it and how they make some aesthetic decisions.

finally, she ended up at cole haan nyc where she talked to former architect and current foowear designer gordan thompson. mr. thompson talked about his experiences in nike’s innovation lab before heading over to cole haan where he has implemented nike air technology in cole haans stilettos.

TLC. im sure they will be playing it again sometime this week. look for it in your dvr maybe?

take care,

I actually had the pleasure of sort of being made over Stacey London for a small bit on the Sunday Today show. She looks much older in person, (wrinkles) and is much nicer than on her own makeover show…