Did anyone catch Designer People last night?

Its a pretty cool show. In the episode I watched they featured Max Wolf, and took a peek into the Cadillac design studio. It looks like there are quite a few episodes coming down the pipe. Did this show just start or has it been around awhile?

What station was this on?


Sadly, Looks like it’s on a station I don’t get and probably isn’t very widespread.

Yeah unfortunately its on a pretty obscure cable channel called Ovation. There are a couple other great design documentaries on the channel as well.

Looking at the website it seems like the show will cover a few different design disciplines including architecture, fashion, interior and industrial.

I’m happy to see our field get more attention from the media. There are a lot of cool stories to tell.

Supposedly I get it, I cannot find the channel on my TV however. Maybe Joost will get it.

I have DirectTV and Ovation is one of the channels that they carry, but it’s not part of my package. I flipped through some of the show descriptions, it seems like a great channel. I might give them a call about adding it.