Diamond patches with two lines (bags)

I was wondering what the name is for the diamond patches that are seen on backpacks? I heard it was for hanging things, but does anybody know more of this? What is the history? Who was the first company to use it? And what is it officially called?

I’m no expert but I think it’s a “two way angled lash tab”, or simply “lash tab”.

From the second link:
"That little diamond shaped part you’re asking about is known as a lash tab. From a utility standpoint, as you pointed out, they are used to loop stuff into. Carabiners and straps can be looped or attached to a lash tab.

Generally, lash tabs are made of leather for durability and strength, and were utilized on older heritage type bags and packs. These days, retro styled bags sometimes utilize lash tabs in their design - and also for aesthetic.

Utility aside, lash tabs - just like many other bag/pack elements - are also utilized for mainly an aesthetic purpose."

Well said Noah. Yes, you are correct. I’ve always called them “Lash Tabs”.

Carryology had a nice little write up about them a couple years back - Year of the Pig Snout - Carryology - Exploring better ways to carry