Developing my sketching skills

I just finished my first year at design school and I’d like to take the summer to improve drastically on my sketching ability.

I look forward to your feedback. No sense in building on bad habits!

Thank you,

This is a cordless rotary tool idea I’m working on.

These are some more speaker ideas further developing my Helios project.

Good idea to post your work. I t will be a great way to track your progress as well as get feedback. The first thing I would say is to loosen up. Try to put down lines with more conviction, and more abstractly. Explore on the paper more…

sketch, doodle, have fun with the page.

thanks Yo. i agree. and i also think as drawing becomes more natural for me, i’ll grow into my own style. i hope to post more next week.

my summer classes are drastically cutting into my sketching time :frowning:

i agree with yo… let your arm to move freely with harmony… and dont get scared of making mistakes when drawing. even if you do mistake, dont scrap it, try to correct it. and always keep drawing… even when you are on phone, doodle little boxes, spheres, lines, etc…


Latest sketch. Tried to free myself up and the idea came down a lot quicker than last time. Still not as “flowey” as I’d like, but it will take some time.

Comments welcome!


good step! Just keep taking it one step at a time. I’d recommend coming back with fresh eyes on this tomorrow and throwing dow an overlay. I bet you will work the problem over differently.

I agree. That’s definitly the plan. I made that off of an underlay and I can already see many perspective issues in both.

a good method i use often when warming up after a long time no sketching and used to use while in school was to sketch only 2d to start. with less worrying about perspective, you can concentrate more on your linework and flow. i tend to look at perspective and sketching almost separately in a way- that is developing a good sketch style and confidence being the first step, then perspective the next, then shading, then rendering, etc.

work on a 2d sketch first, over and over (even if of the same thing, or copying someone else’s sketch in an overlay, the go from there. confidence is a big thing and getting 1 sketch solid will do wonders to progressing quickly.

still, definitely, not bad for a first year student, and the confidence you show posting here and asking for feedback is a great step and indicator of a designer looking to improve.


thanks Richard. I’ll definitly try the 2d next time and post back with the results. part of the reason i’m trying at this rotary tool idea is to get a useful shape down. I can make so many things from that shape and it’s a great way to nudge into perspective.

I’ll try the 2D and also just going greyscale with my verithins and prismas.

10 minutes yesterday inspired by the demo on core. I realllly need to practice more. These summer classes are stripping all of my time. I should just set 10 minutes a day aside at least.

marker practice. overlay of a previous rotary tool design i did.

I’m headed back to school in a few days. Here are two of the most recent. I’ve come a long way this summer but I’ve still got a lot more skill to develop before I’ll be happy.

Feedback welcome! Thanks for your help.

Getting looser which is good. Watch the perspective on the hand drill. The on/off switch seems to be in a slightly different perspective that the butt of the handle.

The knife sketch is nice and loose, some heavier line weights and thick to thin marks would make this pop more.

I’m not an expert, but some professors teach students to master pen sketching first because it forces you to be bold and decisive when sketching. Pencil can be fun (I like it more too) but pen practice will help you get your confidence level where you can throw down a line in any medium and your sketches will improve a ton. Just something that helped me, although I need to improve my sketching a lot as well…

100% correct.

Two more points to add.

1- Darker darks, lighter lights.
2- Bold outside lines, light inside lines.

Thanks a bunch guys. Great feedback. I have my first sketching class this fall and I’m excited to get better.