developing creativity

Hi guys, what´s up!
If you type the word creativity on Amazon like websites, hundreds of books will pop up like some kind of plague!
My question here is:
-Does any of you ever read a really cool book about develping creativity and this kind of stuff?

No, because it is all bullshit.

Either you are creative or you are not. It’s just what you do with it.

Yeah, I agree with you…

its not bullshit…go read Lateral Thinking: A Textbook of Creativity by De Bono

Its bullshit. You got it or you dont. Books are rubbish, don’t buy any for Dummies ranged books.

I do hope your being sarcastic

Although I have never read a book that taught creativity there are certainly classes and mental exercses that facilitate thinking about and solving problems in a creative way.

There is a really provactive book on biomimicry that is a good example of writing that can help encourage a different/more creative approach.

I think Creativity is a lot like Inspiration. There may not be a formula that gaurantees that you will be inspired or creative but there are things that you can do that will help dramatically increase the chances that you will be inspired or creative.

Really good web site.

I totally disagree. I like to think most people have similar levels of creativity, it is just so repressed in most people from middle school on that they don’t know how to channel it. Pretty much every 5 year old is incredibly creative, society does not promote this type of thinking though and it ends up getting buried with rote memorized learning, group conformity, mimicry and accepted forms of interests and behavior, anything else is weird, or nerdy, or whatever… at least that is my take on it.

If you don’t believe creativity can be built or grown you will have a sad life once you hit your first creative block. I think creativity is a combination of determination, and being open to insane possibilities.

In any case, I’ve always found this article on creativity to be really good:
The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind from Time magazine,9171,1147152,00.html

I found Core’s Harvey Cards pretty usefully to get me out of pickle .

I have also notices that my creativity has been waning lately, all the stress of deadlins was making me less and not more creative, so I’m trying to take on a more creative lifestyle my step being:

Be motivated, spend time off the internet and getting things done

Draw more, spend more time doodling and visualizing

Read more and write in my books, use other peoples ideas as a starting point

Take pictures of little things that give me ideas, and collect them from the internet (I am going to start loading these to flickr to share them as well)

Blog my ideas and thoughts, post at least one blog a day with a design idea, or concept or anything that could be useful in my future desing process. This is more for me to collect my ideas in little bits that can be tagged and sorter rather than showing the world

Document the process, this is more for information on how to perhaps go about doing other projects, and to show how I get my ideas (which are often collections of images I’ve seen, books I’ve read, and random ideas I’ve had)

Don’t break the chain (see the back to school stuff on core77) I am making sure to blog, take pictures, and work on my designs everyday

Eventually I will be putting together all my design inspiration (photos), and ideas(words and skethes) and final designs into a website that shows my whole design philosophy, which while making it will be about creativity, but then will also be a platform to communicate myself as a designer to the outside world.

I think this a pretty good one. Getting some exercise is pretty good too. I think there was a thread about a designers block a while back

I think keeping up on this type of work is important. Staying emotionally invested pushes you. All those exercises you learn in school are taught for a reason, and staying as passionate as a student is key I think.

Not a book but a stack of cards… Roger van Oech’s Whack Pack

To stimulate creativity in groups look for brainstorming tips on Amazon. Facilitators often use icebreakers to get people motivated and participating.
Google give people time to tinker with their own ideas.
Mind mapping is a good technique to keep the creative juices flowing…

Just as with a 5 year old creativity needs to be ballanced, or your off in fairy dust land wasting your (and your clients) time and money. Now its damn easy to wang up some super looking rendering of all sorts or wild ass notions and that is great, however just to keep yourself real mock up or prototye every so often, remind yourself that real people/materails behave differently that photons and electrons on a screen.

How to be more creative, decouple yourself mentaly and physicaly from your norm, in the old days it would be a bunch of us sitting around getting shit faced with bar napkins (one note you pick one person to be in charge of them so they dont get tossed) with review on the day after. Now its not PC to do that, so go for a ride, go grape picking, go anyplace and do anything you do not normaly do and do that for a day not just 10 min. Go on a yard sale tour, see what people have, sell, buy and LISTEN. Go see how others live, hell go dig a ditch with the shovel drivers and get reminded of the sweat effort there. Think of this as zen and the art of design according to zippy, get into your Wa via dissasociatoin and alterd phycsical location…or just get hammerd with some friends

Zippy: Right on.

I often get the best ideas when I’m not trying. I’ve started to gain more confidence in that ability. Sometimes I’ll put a project aside at work, because I know I’m more likely to think of innovative solutions when I’m doing something in my free time. There is also mounting evidence for sleeping on complex problems.

If there are no methods to become creative, that only leaves the kiss of the muse method. I think I’ve been granted maybe one or two ideas seemingly from nowhere. On the other hand, experimentation and observation have gained me hundreds of ideas. So often the best ideas come from bringing experience from one domain to create a solution in another. Just look at the Core blog for proof of that.

here is another tip from the old flatfish…you want a creative excercise ( i hate excercise except horizontal with a lovely lady) try this. Set your self a task, design or build something but with a limited tool and material kit. On the design end, say you are going to do a chair your limiting factor is NO curves everything done with a straight edge, NO 90degree corners, and only 1 color. On the building side, pick someting simple but you only 3 basic tools. By limiting your “kit” your forced to be much more creative in both materials,tools, and solutions. Thats one reason I harp on mockup/prototyping…if you draw it you should be willing/able to BUILD IT.

Well, I am a student, but I work as a designer on the side, and I noticed how much motivation work took out of me so I’m getting it back so I can be a proper student again :slight_smile: