developing best practices

this is especially for professionals who are in a specific design domain (footwear/ sports goods/ transportation) like yo. Since you design only one product type per se, have you developed some best practices to conceptualise/ present your ideas quickly. like some templates or say illustrator materials eg, chrome, glossy plastic etc that you just throw in and get the thing going.

i am a lead designer in mobile industry working for a market leader and will be designing mobile phones for the next 5 years I guess.

thanks :slight_smile:

No. I find putting up those kinds of parameters stunts creative thinking and before you know it, you are just sketching the same thing all the time. I try to use as many different approaches as possible.

For final presentation renderings, I do use a strict orthographic view, and keep them all in a similar style and proportion, but that is so that the non-creatives in the process can better understand.

… and I don’t just design one kind of product. That also tends to limit creative thinking over time in my opinion.