Developers for my product


I have developed a design for a new electric toy car , that can be reassembled to 3 models. I’m not skilled in electronics. I need the help of a product design and development company for helping me with the electronics. Does anyone know about a reliable firm in Ontario ?

I know of one company in the Netherlands, Metatronics, which is a unique company because they can manage production of your entire product, hardware, software and electronics.

Thanks, apparently, I’m in Canada, and I can’t afford to do business in another nation. Yesterday, I met someone online who had his product designed and developed in a company in Ontario, named Spark Innovations ( This guy designed a particular cutting tool for vegetables. There are lots of such products coming out now. I hope I will be able to producing my design soon.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.

What do you need in terms of electronics? An R/C system with electronic speed control and a servo for the steering? Not sure it would be worth developing that from scratch. You would probably be better off teaming up with an established toy manufacturer. The certification cost for R/C equipment can be high. If you just need electronics for a working prototype, I would suggest you buy a R/C car of suitable size from one of the Chinese online merchants and use the equipment from that. Can’t help with electronics design but I have over 30 years experience with R/C equipment so let me know if I can be of any help with that.