I decided to go to CCS.

However, my parents does not seem to like it very much.

As you already know, detroit is known as one of the most dangerous places in USA.

Is the city of detroit getting better??

Some discussions about it here: About the impact of Big 3 on CCS

It got me interested in the city situation and found some blogs about it…
Cant imagine how it is to live there though, since over here, we dont have even remotely close to the kind of criminal behaviour as in the states.

i’ve lived in detroit since i moved here to attend CCS in 1998. depending on what your looking at, it may have gotten better, or it may have gotten worse. the city is a huge place and blanket statements bout crime or opportunity don’t really apply city wide. the central woodward corridor (detroit’s “main” street), and university area around CCS and Wayne State has definitely improved since i moved here, more businesses geared towards college people, more people walking, biking and living there too.

bottom line is that if you are in student housing, you will be in good shape. the area around the central campus and the new taubman campus (argonaut building in new center) are definitely some of the better areas of the city. However, its also not a city for someone without some semblance of basic street smarts, and and crime can and will happen, but this is not unique to detroit, people get mugged or have their car stolen in nyc, san fran and la too.

I moved here from a small town out of state, so i came here with a small amount of big city experience, but became friends with people who did, and made note of all of the tips that the school gave everyone. the worst thing thats happened to me in ten years is someone stole my car radio, and i’ve lived on campus, just off campus in two different apartments, in southwest detroit, and now in a home that my gf and i purchased just on the east side of downtown. crime may be statistically higher in detroit, but if you keep you nose clean and keep aware of whats going on around you, you’ll be in pretty good shape.

It’s not like it was in the 80s where there were gun battles on every corner. The exodus from Detroit took many people, including criminals. But, keep your wits about you, and be mindful of your surroundings. I went to school in a town of 50,000, and people got mugged and cars got broken into there, too. It’s not a horrible city, in fact now is probably the time to get established there.

oh, there are still plenty of gun battles, just not nessarily anwhere near CCS or the central area of the city. though still within earshot on a warm summer night with the windows open (don’t tell your parents about that part)

detroit is this big:
(ccs is just north of the “man” in manhattan)