Detroit show 2012

Some interesting stuff this year.
New Ford Fusion:

Chevy code 130r

Chevy Tru 140s

The fusion is giving me a tad too much aston vibes on a mondeo. Cant decide if i like it or not.

Really like the direction they’re headed with the Fusion. I hope that’s pretty close to how it will appear in showrooms. I almost see some Jag mixed in there with the Aston.

Look OK I guess. Everything is starting to look exactly the same though with the large grills and slim headlamps. I definitely see Jag in there along with Aston.


The Fusion is merging with the European Mondeo. That explains alot. First thought on seeing the Fusion, “Why did Tesla facelift the Model S already?”. Not a bad thing.

Love the Chevrolets. The coupe that looks like a BMW 1 series is super hot. I always wondered what a 4 cyl. Camaro would look like.

Mondeo 1

Mondeo 2

Mondeo 3

Can anyone tell a daft Swede why theres corvette logos on the 130 and 140?

A later day Vega perhaps??? Although the Vega never had anything near 150hp.

Just take an existing car and redesign the front and rear fascias…


Whoa! Good eyes, Robin!

Nice, a Chevy 1 series, and a Ford DB9. The TRU 140 is interesting though. There was some back story to the Corvette emblem if you read the originating web article. Talks about the emblems being on several sport models in the beginning and then disappearing on all except for the corvette. So I guess not truly exclusive to the Corvette.

Whoa! Good eyes, Robin!

Full disclosure: my dad and nephew both drive red SC400s.
The Eclipse was way more obvious.

I’m loving the proportions of that Chevy 130! The Acura NSX is pretty nice too but still very conceptual and the taillights are strangely large compared to the rest of the detailing. The Lexus is just too strange for me. Curious what else will turn up!

Lew: I’m gonna geek out everyone here, I always wanted a Vega Cosworth HOT:

Interestingly, the Vega name was last in GM’s marketing study, but Chevy’s president like it. It was a total turd of a car. Marketing kept telling management, but they never listened. De Lorean recounted the story in “On a clear day, you can see GM”, great read.

Re: Corvette logo:

par exemple

, son of


I think the new Mondeo/Fusion is very attractive - though a bit disappointed in the horsepower. Hope they come out with an SVT version with some more aggressive trim and a V6 - it’s disappointing with all the “Ecoboost” hype their 2.0T is only cranking 230hp when the Hyundai guys are now pushing out 275+ with the same size power plant.

I love the Chevy concept but I fear that by the time the white one makes it into production it’ll go from looking like an Audi R8 killer to a 1990’s Chevy Cavalier.

Acura NSX concept.

I think you can always point to an earlier design that has influence over something new.

Some other concepts:

Toyota NS4

Pleasantly surprised on this one.

Chrysler 700c:

I don’t love the design, but I do love that they are pushing the minivan! Encouraging.

Acura NSX:

I’m kind of bummed out. The original was so clean, and still looks good with the right wheels. This one just feels like it has been hit with an overload of decorating cues.
Same with these Acuras. That old TL from the early 2000’s still feels more right than these.

Smart 4us

I’m sure no production plans, but fun concept. Very producty.

VW E-Bug


Somebody stop Lexus with the front end! It makes the most sense on the LF, but still…

Not so much on the others:
Dodge Dart:

Nice successor to the Neon!

I hadn’t seen that Toyota yet. pretty interesting. The parrot beak nose and lighting bolt at the bottom of the C pillar may be a little much, but the stance and roofline are pretty nice. I like this view a lot.

The Lexus Lf-LC is a mess.

I think the NSX is pretty nice. It doesn’t have that long, clean elegance of the original, but for an Acura styled R8, Gallardo clone, it’s decent. I’d stop and check it out on the street.
SCREEN CAP_033.jpg

Lancias are being sold in GB as Chryslers now. I think that Fiat’s long term plan is to merge Chrysler’s and Lancia’s portfolios. Look at the current Lancia Delta, I think it shares some DNA with the Chrysler 700 concept:

Yo!: I feel the same way about the TL. Every so often I see one of the older ones and it just looks so much nicer. I do like the hood on the newest one though.

The NSX depends on the engineering. The original was a shot out of the blue. V6 powered supercar? What? If Honda just builds something fast, it will be forgotten in a year: ie Lexus LFA.

Dodge Dart is disappointing. It’s like a bad Fiat with an average Dodge body. I was hoping for a sporty Alfa Romeo with just a hint of Dodge. Maybe next time…