"Detonator" Garage Remote

A couple of months ago, I did some ideation for garage door remotes and thought having one in the shape of a detonator could improve its usability. It could more easily fit on a key ring. Someone doesn’t have to worry about which side the button is on. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to do a quick render of it. The hilly texture prevents rolling and is more tactile. Still not sure if the cylinder shape could hold all the necessary circuit boards; maybe a curved circuit board? I used the loft tool on Fusion 360 to create the transitions but was having trouble creating more customized curvatures. Any feedback on that or the presentation of the rendering would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I like this idea a lot. I see the advantage of the button not being on a face and it seems like it wouldn’t take up too much space.

The most recent example of the ‘detonator’ thumb-press button is on the Kia Stinger key- and I it looks very cool and functional:

The renders are a little rough- the surfaces around the end and the button don’t look resolved, and I can’t really distinguish the intended materials. I think it would be helpful to see it photoshopped onto your keychain and in your hand- the scale would be easier to read too. Until you nail down the surface details, I seeing it in-context would be a better presentation because the general idea is the strong part right now.

I think that some more effort put into the details would pay off a lot- try a few different things out with colors and shapes and textures and pick out your favorites.

I think you could get some inspiration from machined parts. Here are some artist that machine metal that could be relevant.

I think your concept will roll as much as a completely cylindrical shape, but akin to SHIELDS suggesting, look at machined parts for sort-of cylindrical but more faceted shapes. The button needs more ‘celebration’, like how the Stinger button has a series of concentric circles around it. Finally I’d add more ‘meat’ around the keychain/lanyard loop.

I’ve never had to carry a garage door opener in my pocket. Also, most cars now incorporate it inside the car. Am I missing something? Why don’t you design a car remote? I haven’t found one I like. Should be more fun.
In terms of execution, the button looks weird, not a perfect circle/sphere, some weird undulation. And yes, if the ribs are so tight together and round, then it will roll.

I agree with slippyfish’s comments on the design.

Good idea though, especially for a car remote - I always have to look which button I press and you want this thing to be intuitive.
Another advantage of this configuration is that you can add buttons on indents on the side, so all your fingers can be mapped to a specific button making it easier to remember instead of the current icon-based approach.

Interaction Relabeling as coined by Frens et al. is useful in general to find new interaction purposes based on other existing objects - https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/347642.347664