Details for student to put on "business card"

I am a final year Bachelor of Industrial Design student with 2 a year Masters to follow at UniSA in Adelaide, South Australia.
I am attending a study tour to Italy in April for the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2011 furniture fair. I am making up some “business cards” with a few details about myself to give to potential employers or people I meet when I’m there.
What information should I put on the cards, I was thinking just my name, email and details of the link to my Coroflot portfolio. Do you think there is anything else I would need? Like country of origin, university or mobile number?

Name, title (Industrial designer), phone number, email address, website.

don’t bother with an address if you will be moving anytime soon. And don’t use glossy stock! many people will write something on your card once you give it to them so they can remember who and what you are all about and glossy card stock bites for writing on. Also don’t do some absurd size… too small or too large… it just bug many people…

Buy a domain name even if all it does is link to your Corefolio. That way, they can type in, for example, and not

Just a suggestion.

+1 on the nicer paper, too.

Very nice point, and domain names are cheap!

Yeah good idea, I realised its going to be helpful if I provide my focus (ID) and contact number, especially at the Salone where there are so many different design fields. The domain is a great idea too, I’ll have to do some research and find a good host and registrar.
I was also thinking of using thin light coloured wood veneer (satinbox) and laser cutting the cards, does this sound like a good idea or does it just sound like gimmicky-kitch crap that would put you off ever contacting me again? :unamused:
I was even thinking of designing a cool shape that could double as a cable/headphone organiser to wrap your cords around…

It sounds like something that wood fall apart and then I would no longer have your card. Keep in mind it might also be hard to read without some type of backing. If you are going to do something gimmiky treat it as a design project that is going to represent your skill sets and take all the needed things into consideration

i.e you give me a veneer card that falls apart, my impression… Typical flashy designer who does not take into consideration material properties for the right application… Should have used thin gauge stainless steel… (assuming i am right and veneer would not stand up… if it does then great!) Your second idea sounds interesting, but be sure it does the primary job the best which is to say who you are clearly and concisely and how to contact you.

Also if you can find my cheesy pun I will provide you with a free 1 hour training session on either Modo, or SW :laughing:

I will have to test how the veneer holds up to wear and tear. Satinbox comes from an Australian fern and is quite flexible, the veneers I have are about 1mm thick. I just thought it would be cool to have a business card which functioned as a product to help express my design style, I’ll have to see if I have enough time to do it. I registered a domain today and found a Web Host so I’m to start creating the site this weekend.
Thanks for the advice everyone…

I woodn’t even know where to start looking…

You Sir win 1 hour free training in Modo, or SW. let me know what you would like.

Well I put version 1 of my website up
Let me know what you guys think of the site and what I might need to improve:)


email me and we can talk further about the training session.

Hi Paz,
I got some business cards made by Vistaprint, which were cheap, online, pretty good quality (double sided printing, option of heavier stock, metallic option), and delivered superquickly. The good thing was you can use your own images, so I made up the whole card information as an image and didn’t have to worry about fonts etc.

Oh great, thanks for that Jaime. What was the turnaround time for the cards? I would need them within 3 weeks max.
Are you on an intern-ship now, how is that going?