Detailed printing on small piees of TPE

Im looking for an inexpensive process for detailed and durable printing on small smooth but curved surface of material of approximately shore dura A 25-35. It would be graphics and maybe photo real. Does such a process/ production facility exist?

To get something that’s photo real over a curved surface, you might have to find a Dye-Sub vendor with that capability. (Might be tough…)

What about simple heat transfer printing of say just a four color sharp graphic image? Thanks for the quick reply

Same kind of process… The trouble you would have is finding a press that matches the curve of your material. I know of companies out there that can essentially wrap a print around something fairly complex (an aluminum extrusion, for example). But, I’m not sure if they use a heat press.

Thanks. Not to be dense but is Alto one of these companies? I can’t find it through google.

Thanks. Folia merged with Systeme. Good lead…but looks expensive!

Terribly expensive…

Any other insight on collectible toys printing? Think hello kitty or Dagedar etc. printing on typical flexible collectible toys (TPE). This will either be an extrusion or injection mold (depending upon 3D or not). Thought this would be easy. Not so much.

Look into water transfer (used for the fake wood look on mice) or pad printing (not sure the resolution)


As was mentioned above, pad printing can be done on TPE, as well as heat transfer (hot stamp). Colors and graphics are usually no issue. If contrast isn’t the primary goal, you might also think about achieving the graphics via polishing of the tool or laser etching. Any good Far East manufacturer can handle many of these options.

Thank you