Desperately in need for help on housing!!!!!

I will be doing an internship at Towson, MD very very soon and I have been trying to get a place to stay for the summer. I’ve called everywhere, including universities and its various departments for information, looked on the net for listings and so on but still can’t get one. I am also waiting for reply from the company but they are not responsible for my housing.

I just need a room from mid May to end of August, so if you have any leads, or if you are willing to rent a room please let me know.

Black & Decker, huh? Congrats. Towson University is right there-- plenty of college students which means plenty of sublease opportunities. Just load the car up and drive into town a day early. Stop by coffee shops around campus and I guarantee you’ll find a sublease.

Either that or check Craigslist:

That’s me second on the listing. The one that sounds desperate.

I did call Towson uni to get some leads. I called like 3 different departments namely student government association, housing and diversity resources to try to get contacts with their student organisations but all they did was either gave a link that doesn’t work or another number who gave me yet another number.

Why not call some of the listings from Craigslist?

Call? Not many have phone numbers attached. I’ve sent out tons of e-mails to those on the listings. One replied so far, and it was already taken.

Check out I had to find a place to stay for an internship in Troy, MI two years ago and I had great luck finding a roommate through this site. I found that the typical person listing places for rent to be about 25- mid 30’s in age, professionals, clean and well kept, and simply looking to knock down a payment on a house or split rent in the abbsence of their former roommate.

The site allows you to enter a prefered location, choose nearby areas to search in also, and check off a list of preferences. The catch is they don’t allow you to read the person’s full profile or answer email generated on the site. Registration is only like $20.00 for a month though, and once you do that you can contact people. It is definately worth it. I ended up finding a place 10 minutes away from work!

Thx but I just bought myself a nice tent…

just joking… I did find a nice place, 5 min from work. Only problem is that the other person smokes so the AC spreads it all around the house.