desperate for advices pls!!

hello all…
i’ve graduated with a visual arts degree back in 2003… and since then, i took a product design course and a spatial design course, hoping they would help leading me into the field of design, industrial mainly… but since the courses didn’t seem to help much… i’ve ended jobs with banks and companys not related to design at all… and i dreaded to work everyday and figured that’s not the way i want my life to be… because i really want to become a product/industrial designer. so, i quit the bank job… and well, 2 months later… i’m still sitting at home everyday… hoping that i can do something with my portfolio… however… of cuz a visual arts portfolio is rather different than a design one… so, guess what? have to basically redo the whole thing! i have ideas and stuff… but never was able to make it look “professional” enough… i tried different programs… but never know how to look all nice and neat, like ones i see on this site even…
which programs do u recommend i can use for making my ideas into 3d art works? looking like a proper prototype of some sort??
and how can i get my foot into the door of product designs???
any help and advices would be greatly appreciated!!
thanks in advance

hey there
for industrial desing
u might want to try this programe call Shade 5R,it’s a 3 D modeling program that is really popular in the industrial design industry in japan
i am a graphic design major too and it’s really easy to learn. The only think u cannot do is motion.
If u need to show motion, try 3D studo Max which is so much easier than learning or buying Maya…
i hope it helps!

do not just sit at home!!
i have been sitiing at home and just slept intesivly for 2 weeks, and now i regarte!!
just keep going to different fourm to look at what ppl say and keep yr portfolio updated
i am doign the sameunemployedtrying to find an intern now
so dont give up!!

Yesterday I was contacted by 2 different companies. One found me on the other on AIGA. They both would require a move… I am not in a situation where I can do that.

My point is make sure you are posted on line and the information is up-to-date! My corefolio gets hits too.

thanx guys for all the encouragements and advices…

any of u know where i can get a trial version of the shade 5R program that was mentioned earlier? like any websites i can download and try it first?? all i found was the japanese site…

thanks again…

i dont know where u can download a program
maybe try to ask ppl around see if they can find u a crack one.
if not, the last option is to ask someone from HongKong to find u one
i bought mine in HongKong…just a copy, abt $10 USD…
there are alot of Hong Kong and japanese designers in coroflot too
contact them see if it works
u can browsn ppl’s work y country~
good luck