Desktop Monitors - Suggestions

I’m using a macbook pro 15 inch and I’d like to get a bigger monitor for my desk. I’ve heard that Dell makes some pretty good, affordable monitors. Does anyone have a recommendation for a monitor that is good with color and suits the needs of most industrial designers? I’m thinking 24" and up…

There was just another thread on this, but the Dell 2410 (I believe is the current number) is a great buy. You’ll pay more for a higher quality panel with better color reproduction, but it’s worth it if you’re doing any real design work on it.

Any other 24" IPS type monitor would also be fine, but I’ve had my 2 Dell Ultrasharps for several years now with no complaints.

Does an over 24" monitor really improve work flow? I have a $200 credit to HP right now and am debating between the 21.5 and the 27 they offer.

Granted if I didn’t have this coupon I’d recommend the Dell as well. I’m using an older Dell 22" here at work and it has been great to work with.

24" is a fair sweet spot IMO as it’s a jump in resolution (1920x1200 vs 1680x1050) over the 22". The 27" is a jump up in size, but not real estate. Two 24" is perfect IMO.

HP has a 24" though their business model that I’ve been using I’ve been less than thrilled with. It’s fine for CAD work and most things, but the color reproduction is crap when I compare it to the Cintiq that I use. You can drag something between the two windows and see where certain colors are banded or blown out even having lowered the brightness.

Apple 24" LED Cinema Display. Using it with my 17" MBP Unibody. Love it so much, I’m thinking of getting another one for home.

I have used dell 24" monitors almost exclusively, they are fantastic monitors for the price. 24" is about the perfect size too. Anything larger starts to become too much space. I would suggest going to dual 24"s if you were considering anything bigger.