Desktop CNC for around $5k?

Does anyone know how to find a good supplier for a desktop CNC machine? I have seen one at the Denver Metro University… it was about 2 foot wide, a foot and a half deep and about a foot and a half tall. 3 axis. I think they used it alot for jewelery and other small parts. Does anyone know about these?

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Thanks man.

You know, 90% of the people I asked recomended a Roland… they must be pretty good

Bryan recomends what he has, so I’ll recomend what I got :slight_smile:


about 1/2 the price of a roland, with a slightly larger build volume (you have to divide the z axis travel by 2, since 1/5 is for the tool)
Go with the Roland if you want something more of a plug’n’play.
take on a max or a taig if you feel more adventurous and feel like tinkering and learning.
you’ll also have to invest in some CAM programs with MAXNC, but they can be found cheap and free from 0$-500$ for a decent CAM, + a computer.

I’ve had both a Taig and a Maxnc (CNC versions). The Taig has more power, and is capable of cutting aluminum at a decent rate. The Maxnc is really only meant for cutting wax. The spindle doesn’t have much power and the drives get overwhelmed if you take more than a few thou off of aluminum. I built my own CNC controller for the Taig using Geckodrives and CNCpro drive software. Worked great, but I sold the whole rig last year because I wasn’t using it.

Both the above machines are essentially hobby machines (Sherline makes a similar mill to the Maxnc). The Roland and other similar machines are more geared toward commercial environments (nice enclosures, more power, etc.) , but you’ll be paying the price for that.