Desk organizer

Hey all,
Working on a desk organizer I’ve called notch and wanted to get some feedback on the manufacturing process if there are in good ideas out there. I’d like to have the two colors like in the picture but not sure how to add a second color. Right now the form is heat bent black acrylic with a yellow gloss spray paint but its been incredibly tedious. Thoughts?

Aluminum over plastic sign panel.

For example,

Thanks a bunch!

I actually really like the design of this - I would have one on my desk :slight_smile:
One thing I would say is pay close attention to the bends, you don’t want it springing around your desk each time you touch it.

Sign board laminated metal such as here High gloss precoated steel sheet for sign board from China Manufacturer, Manufactory, Factory and Supplier on
Then automatic bending with a machine or robot as in here Automatic bending of sheet metal with a KUKA robot - YouTube
Sheet metal for this product looks nice and has a quality feel to it - Products - IKEA
If you want to use acrylic, you can also digitally print it as in here: Océ Arizona 550 XT & ProCut Zund - YouTube
For more guidelines check here:

I have had some success draping plastic sheets over a wooden jig in an oven, I can imagine that to work if you want to create a small series of products. You may have to construct your product out of 2 pieces and lock those together.

Your product is functionally better than the Ikea organizer IMO since you have an extra layer of holes and the container area, though it may need a front edge, is smaller which is nice just to keep necessary things and save space on your desk as well. I would buy it. Color-wise I would opt for a matte grey base layer with top coats in an Olivetti-like pallette.