Desk Lighting for Creative Industries

Hi everyone!

My name is Chloe Moran, I’m a final year Product Design student at Bournemouth University.
As part of my final year project I’m designing a desk light for architects and designers in the UK creative industries.

Here’s a bit about my product:
The product, a desk light, will work in conjunction with existing office lighting design/levels and help create a functional and efficient lighting scheme for the user. The desk light will also have variable output levels which would be selected by the user depending on want tasks they wish to undertake. When in use, it will monitor the surrounding environment and automatically adjust its output illuminance (lux) levels to suit ambient light conditions. This assures that the correct level of illumination is maintained throughout the day, it also minimises excessive output and energy wastage and helps to void certain health hazards such as eyestrain, headaches and sick building syndrome.

Could you please take the time to fill out my questionnaire from the following link below, it will take around 5 minutes and would be a highly appreciated:

Interesting project, you might want to post in the Projects forum and share the development with us!

If I can share my biggest grippe with desk lamps, it’s the size of the light. Most desk lamps aren’t diffused and cast a very harsh light that creates sharp shadows. The sharp shadows make it hard to do any kind of manual work like writing or sketching as you’re always battling the shadow. I’ve actually seen quite a few people point their desk lamps at the nearest wall to get a softer light.

Modern Man concurs.


I want diffused ultra white light (which the last part I know has to do more with the bulb)

I hope I’m not too late to help you with your project. I do a lot 3D CAD work for an awning/metal canopy company. I’m on the computer 8 hours a day and I have realized I have been getting bad eye strain. I looked into it and found out that the lighting in my office had something to do with it. Unfortunately I can’t turn the lighting down because it affects my ability to see stuff on my desk. I bring this up because the idea of your lamp is to adjust the light for optimal working conditions. So if you are doing 3D modeling then the ambient light should be less then light coming from the computer screen, but then you will have a hard time seeing what is on your desk/table, likes sketches and notes. I like your idea a lot but I just see a slight flaw. Maybe you have found this in your research already.

Good luck with you project.

Curtis Hungness
Industrial Designer